• We make happy little mistakes in life. Bob Ross

    The pillars of life

    The pillars of happiness

    Long exposure night photography underneath the Pismo Beach pier



    I raced to the top of the Pismo Preserve to catch the remaining glitches of the sunset over Avila Beach

    Pier Moon

    I woke up four hours to early to ride my bike to Pismo Beach to wait for the moon to set over the pier

    Blackhawk Rock

    I was filming a couple dirt bike riders this day in Cayucos and so thankful for our Armed Forces being of service to our homeland.

    Barreled at Pier Ave

    The best its been in a very long time at Rons Beach in Oceano

    Taro Wantabe

    Pismo Beach Open 2017

    Sunset Surfer

    Pismo Beach Pier


    Me filming local surfers at Pismo Beach

    Soaring to the Sun

    Pismo Beach, Ca.

    Santa Margarita Longhorns

    Clean Barrel

    Side by Side

    Luckily Ty came back ashore to grab his longboard otherwise this wouldn't have happened

    Wizard Sunset Tree

    Grover Beach, Ca.

    Three Hour Tour

    Cayucos, Ca

    S. Jetty Rock

    Morro Bay Rock

    Whale of a Day

    Oceano Beach, Ca.

    Port San Luis Lighthouse

    Deep into the Dunes

    After my time spent at the beach in the morning time i made the long trek into the Oceano Dunes Preserve

    Oceans 35

    Oceano Beach, Ca.

    Sunlight through the Pillars

    Pismo Beach Pier

    Surfer Steve

    Pismo Beach


  • Serviceability

    Surf. Sunrise. Sunsets. 

    Family moments. Portraits.

    Business. Maternity. Baby. School photos

    This is my favorite place to unwind in Shell Beach, Ca.

    Top of Perfumo Canyon

    Big Sur Coastline

    My first time ever going last year

  • About

    Garrett A. Matueski

    I studied photography in San Luis Obispo.
    My main focus is primarily anything that has to do with the oceans abroad; surfers, sunrises, sunsets, sealife etc...

     I have a love for waves, the beach, sand between the toes, salt in the hair...
    Passion for capturing moments that will last a lifetime.

    There is no specific hours that I go by. I am spontaneous and always full of energy. 

    'Nature is precious,
    And i love to capture the moment'.

     My personal goal is to preserve time.. Make memories stay put.. to gaze upon a moment and feel raw emotions from within that image.. I want to do that for you.

  • Location

    I currently reside in Grover Beach, Ca. Born and raised in Tarzana, Ca. My main transportation as of now is my bike, friends, and the bus.

    Working towards a vehicle soon.

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    View my Instagram at mindoceanmatters_ photography

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